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The Go Alliance Academy College and Career Counseling Initiative works to increase the knowledge and skills of counselors who advise students on their postsecondary aspirations. The Academy provides online training that can improve effectiveness in preparing all students for education after high school — especially those from low-income families who would be first-generation college students.


The courses can be used for professional development of elementary, middle grades and high school counselors, as well as school principals, teachers who serve as advisers, graduation coaches and staff of college access programs. In addition, the courses may be used as part of a master's or doctoral degree program in professional school counseling.

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The courses work in a number of different ways. They are designed for online delivery, either as distinct modules for professional development credit or as graduate-level courses for academic credit. 95 percent of trainees who enroll in the online format are able to complete the module. Training can be delivered in either a hybrid or face-to-face approach for in-person professional development workshops. Master’s degree programs can use the existing courses as-is or crosswalk the materials and incorporate  the content into existing academic courses. The courses can also be customized with specific information about postsecondary options in a particular state, including state-specific careers, graduation requirements, college planning tools and resources, and scholarships.
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A 2017 survey of more than 250 trainees in six states found that, six months after enrolling in the training, 86% of counselors reported having changed their practice because of the training; 88% had started to implement the action plans developed as part of the training; and 95% would recommend the training to colleagues.

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Go Alliance Academy is a national training program that is owned and operated by Education Forward Arizona, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to education beyond high school and postsecondary degree completion — particularly for those who would be the first in their families to enroll.

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