Postsecondary Advising for Middle Grades Counselors I

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This course will be held Oct. 28 - Dec. 16, 2022

Taught by Jennifer Diaz

Join a group of peers for online discussions, see best practices in action, gain knowledge, and learn about resources you can incorporate into your work immediately. This course will require about four hours of work per week, which you can complete in your own time.

About Postsecondary Advising for Middle Grades Counselors I

Learn about the critical role middle school plays in shaping students’ postsecondary readiness, the barriers to college that many students face, and how to use your school’s data to identify and address equity issues.

Involving students in transition activities and academic planning to support their career assessments and interests is an important element in student motivation for learning. You’ll read articles about the importance of middle school to students’ decisions about whether or not they will go on to college. Additionally, you’ll read about ways to support students in their transitions from elementary to middle and from middle to high school. You will complete an Orientation survey, become familiar with the Go Alliance Academy online environment, and get acquainted with your colleagues enrolled in this course. 

In this Course

  • Session 1: Understanding the Barriers to Postsecondary Education
  • Session 2: What is a Culture of Postsecondary Equity?
  • Session 3: Using Data to Address Equity and Create Early Warning Systems
  • Session 4: Helping Students Develop Mindsets and Skills For Academic And Career Success
CEUs: 2.0   Hours: 20    Cost: $199 $99 (Limited time offer)

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